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Sunrise Auto Center has been serving Staten Island's car repair needs since 1995. Our staff will provide you with friendly and professional service so that your car looks and runs like NEW! Stop by or call us today to find out why you should choose Sunrise Auto Center for Staten Island Collision Repair.

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CBS Money Watch has a great article that outlines the findings of a recent CarMD survey. The article points out which cars are  cheapest to repair.

Top 5 Cheapest Cars To Repair”

  1. Toyota (Toyota Repair Staten Island)
  2. Hyundai (Hyundai Repair Staten Island)
  3. Honda (Honda Repair Staten Island)
  4. Ford (Ford Repair Staten Island)
  5. General Motors (GM Repair Staten Island)

More info about this survey to come.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Sarah Shelmidine

To see the CBS Money Watch article go here:

Staten Island Auto Body Commercial

Sunrise Auto a Staten Island auto repair shop recently made a video commercial to share over the Internet. Sunrise Auto’s new video includes some auto repair clips and a little bit about our services: auto repair, auto body, car wash, waxing, and detailing.  The video also details some Staten Island mechanics.

We posted the video on many of the biggest video sites. You can watch by using the links below or just press play.
Video on Youtube: Staten Island Auto Body Commercial, Video on Metacafe: Staten Island Collision Repair Commercial, Video on DailyMotion: Staten Island Auto Repair Commercial and Video on Sunrise Auto Repair Staten Island Commercial