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Week Devoted To Staten Island Mechanics And Automotive Service Professionals Everywhere

The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) has declared June 7-13, 2010 as National Automotive Service Professionals Week. Building on the success of Automotive Service Professionals Day established in 2001, ASE launched National Automotive Service Professionals Week in 2005 to honor the commitment and dedication of automotive, truck, and collision technicians, along with parts specialists and other support professionals who serve the motoring public. This will be the fifth consecutive year that ASE continues this recognition, and has it listed in the 2010 Chase’s Calendar of Events.

“Twenty-three states issued proclamations honoring National Automotive Service Professionals Week in 2009,” said Trish Serratore, ASE Senior VP. “We will once again push to have all fifty states recognize the outstanding work done by automotive professionals across the nation.” As in years past, ASE will provide a form letter and enlist the aid of local shop owners in each state to petition their respective Governors to mark this special week.

“ASE created National Automotive Service Professionals Week to acknowledge the skill and dedication of the men and women who service and maintain the highly complex vehicles upon which we depend so much for our day-to-day transportation,” said Tim Zilke, ASE president and CEO. “ASE is proud to help recognize these individuals for their commitment to their customers, their craft and the American economy.”

Sunrise Auto proudly supports National Automotive Service Professionals Week. We know how hard it is to find quality mechanics in Staten Island for our customers. We also know how difficult it is to get great collision repair in Staten Island or just general auto body repair in Staten Island. That is why Sunrise Auto looks to recruit the best automotive service professionals in the area and provides them with the latest technology and equipment they need to repair Staten Island’s cars.

Stop Sunrise Auto, Staten Island’s Auto Repair and Auto Body Shop at 17 Lafayette Avenue in Staten Island, New York for mechanical, electrical, and body repairs. We also have a fantastic hand car wash and detailing center.

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Arkady Goldenberg of Sunrise Auto has recently completed training for Custom Painting

I-CAR is an international training organization is formed by the automotive collision repair industry in 1979. I-CAR training helps ensure that qualified individuals in the automotive collision industry are aware of and trained in the latest technologies and techniques.

Staten Island Collision Repair Custom Painting

Custom Paining is the process of providing a unique refinish on a vehicle that is different from the refinish types that the vehicle manufacture produces in the factory.

Custom painting sometimes includes pin stripes, candy finishes, unique designs and simulated textures, flames, and airbrushed drawings.

The training program that Arkady completed provides a detailed look into how these refinishing techniques are created. Specific topics addressed included application of a candy finish, how to create traditional and realistic flames, geometric designs, air brush and pin striping techniques, and how to create simulated metal plating and wood grain.

Stop by 17 Lafayette Ave. in Staten Island, NY to learn more about the custom painting we could do for you and your car.

Sunrise Auto Custom Painting Certificate Image

Sunrise Auto Custom Painting Certificate

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When Sand A Car

One of the basic procedures when it comes to repairing a collision that requires any sort of painting is sanding.

Why Sand A Car

It is important to sand a car before it is painted to help prepare the surface for the application of paint. Modern urethane paints are engineered to be applied to a rough surface. Sanding is done to help remove unwanted paint and sometime just to scratch off a thin layer of paint so that the next layer of paint will lay down smoothly on it.

Car Sanding Video

You can learn more about sanding and see how it is actually done in the following video.

Why Is Sunrise Auto Staten Island Collision Repair Explaining Sanding?

At Sunrise Auto, we feel it is important for our customers to be comfortable and in the know when it comes to having their car fixed. We are starting this blog series to help our clients get a better understanding of how we make cars look like new.

We hope that you never get into a car accident, but if you do, call us. (718) 447-1015

By calling Sunrise Auto you can rest assured that you will be in good hands. We will do everything we can to guide you through the process of making an insurance claim, getting a damage estimate, getting your car fixed, and most importantly, getting back on the road.

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