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Arkady Goldenberg of Sunrise Auto has recently completed training for Custom Painting

I-CAR is an international training organization is formed by the automotive collision repair industry in 1979. I-CAR training helps ensure that qualified individuals in the automotive collision industry are aware of and trained in the latest technologies and techniques.

Staten Island Collision Repair Custom Painting

Custom Paining is the process of providing a unique refinish on a vehicle that is different from the refinish types that the vehicle manufacture produces in the factory.

Custom painting sometimes includes pin stripes, candy finishes, unique designs and simulated textures, flames, and airbrushed drawings.

The training program that Arkady completed provides a detailed look into how these refinishing techniques are created. Specific topics addressed included application of a candy finish, how to create traditional and realistic flames, geometric designs, air brush and pin striping techniques, and how to create simulated metal plating and wood grain.

Stop by 17 Lafayette Ave. in Staten Island, NY to learn more about the custom painting we could do for you and your car.

Sunrise Auto Custom Painting Certificate Image

Sunrise Auto Custom Painting Certificate

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